Set of 13 bronze medals for Pope Pius IX, dated 1847-1864, in original case.

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Set of 13 bronze medals for Pope Pius IX, dated 1847-1864, in original case.
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Set of 13 bronze medals for Pope Pius IX, dated 1847-1864, in original case. 10-1/4" x 8" x 3/4".
This is a collection of 12 bronze annual medals of 1847 to 1864 surrounding a large bronze medal of 1854 issued for the reconstruction of St. Paul’s-Outside-the-Walls, all housed in a contemporary 19th-century case. All the annual medals, measuring 44mm each, bear the portrait of Pius IX on the obverse and were intended to be officially distributed on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29). All the medals are in pristine Mint State condition, all brown but the large central medal with traces of original red color and luster. Individual descriptions of each medal are as follows:

1854, 82mm. Maz-731, Bart-6. By Nicola Cerbara (obverse) and Giuseppe Bianchi (reverse). Reconstruction of the Basilica of St. Paul’s-Outside-the-Walls, Rome. Reverse: Interior view of the Basilica. This is a truly exceptional example of the triumph of the engravers’ art. The interior of this cavernous building is depicted in such a realistic manner that the viewer feels as though he could step into it personally, or reach into its depths to touch the ornate canopy over the altar in the distance. One of the most sought after modern Papal medals.

Year II, 1847. Maz-669, Linc-2251, Bart-847. By Giuseppe Girometti. Relocation of the statues of Saints Peter and Paul. Reverse: Statues of Peter & Paul.

Year V, 1850. Maz-681, Linc-2266, Bart-850. By Giuseppe Girometti. Overthrow of Roman Republic. Reverse: Daniel standing over dragon.

Year VIII, 1853. Maz-697, Bart-853. By Giuseppe Cerbara. Arrangement of the Lateran Museum. Reverse: Interior scene of Museo Profano area of the Lateran Museum.

Year IX, 1854. Maz-698, Bart-854. By Pietro Girometti. Institution of kindergartens in Rome. Reverse: Jesus seated surrounded by three children.

Year X, 1855. Maz-703, Bart-855. By Pietro Girometti. Pope’s visit to cholera victims at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit the previous year. Reverse: Pope with other clerics visiting patient in his sickbed.

Year XI, 1856. Maz-704, Linc-2280, Bart-856. By Ignazio Bianchi. Proclamation in 1854 of Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Reverse: Pope enthroned in St. Peter’s Basilica, proclaiming the dogma, Mary in vision above.

Year XII, 1857. Maz-713, Bart-857. By Pietro Girometti. Inauguration of the first Papal Railroad. Reverse: Locomotive upon which sits an angel holding a caduceus.

Year XIV, 1859. Maz-722, Linc-2286, Bart-859. By Pietro Girometti. Construction of the Porta di St. Pancrazio, to replace a gate destroyed by the war against the Roman Republic in 1849. Reverse: View of the Gate.

Year XVI, 1861. Maz-729, Bart-861. By Carl Voigt. Struggle against the enemies of the Papal State. Reverse: Daniel between two lions.

Year XVII, 1862. Maz-733, Linc-2292, Bart-862. By Carl Voigt. Contributions to the Papacy. Reverse: St. Peter receiving offerings.

Year XVIII, 1863. Maz-737, Bart-863. By Ignazio Bianchi. Construction of a new tobacco product factory. Reverse: View of the new building.

Year XIX, 1864. Maz-738, Bart-864. By Ignazio Bianchi. Improvements to the Porta Pia, originally by Michelangelo. Reverse: View of the exterior side of the Porta Pia.

(Thanks to papal numismatic scholar Allen Berman for cataloging assistance on this lot.)